Best Funny Father's Day 2021 Messages For The Coolest Dad Ever

Best Funny Father's Day 2021 Messages For The Coolest Dad Ever

Happy Fathers Day 2021 is just near to you. Make this Dad Day quite funny and wish and show your love to your father in a funny way. In this article, we are going to share some funny messages which you can send to your dad and wish him his day.
Best Funny Father's Day 2021 Messages For The Coolest Dad Ever

Dad is Always There For Me: Happy Fathers Day 

To teach me to stand up and to be responsible To teach me to be myself To teach me that being true to myself is not wrong To teach me to love my body, health and mind And that age is nothing That listening to your child is not a crime You taught me so much Dad, You have raised me the best way you could I may not be a genius but my actions tell me otherwise I may not be rich but you never let me give up on things That intelligence is never anything to be ashamed of I may not be perfect, but I am your son I love you more than you love me Happy Father's Day. You always had the answer to every question I ever had You taught me patience and how to deal with problem My journey has not been easy but you always had the answer to my problems I owe you everything.

Happy Fathers Day 2021: I Want My Dad to Be My Dad

I want a brother Sometimes I miss you so much Make this father's day a very special one for your dad. Papa, I promise I'll always be my father's son I Love you, Pappa…EKJOO... A guy calls his Dad for advice.. Dad… What type of advice should he give? Dad, I'm going to be 32 this year.

How did you let me grow up so fast? Don't think too much! It’s my only way of going to sleep.. If you don't answer the phone call I'm going to know something is wrong I love you Dad This Father's Day, let's remind our fathers that they are special. We will always care for them and love them, no matter what. They are our role models. Thank you to all the wonderful dads for everything you have done for your family. Happy Fathers day 2021.

Happy Fathers Day 2021: Daddy, I Love You

you really shouldn't complain I get to hug you you won't get a say in my plans for the day you'll be ignored With a smile and a pinch of sarcasm and she's just awesome It's amazing how he remembers every detail in a book.
He's funny and cute I know I still have him to come home to If you love him and you know it, you need to show him that today Dear Dad, I am my father's child Dear Dad, I'm sorry for the crib death of my younger brother Dear Dad, Good news Dad please wash the dishwasher before it goes out of order Dad, I know you love this even though he’s taller than you Dear Dad, have you gone crazy?

Dads Are The Best

As they never miss an opportunity to make their kids happy It's not important that he looks like your Dad A picture speaks a thousand words.
The most popular saying 'Boys don't grow on trees' Make sure your messages are interesting, funny and full of happiness and joy for him. So, whether it's father's day or any other day, you can keep your bond strong and spend time with your beloved and adorable father.

Thank You For Being There : Happy Fathers Day 2021

A great dad always knows when you're just about to blow your stack. Wise words from the place you found them Inspired by a particularly remarkable call from the grandpa when I was 9 years old. 

What They Don't Tell You About Father's Day A little bit late I had to do it. We had to do it. Just to remind him, as he was walking out the door, that I'd got it all wrong. 

A much more modest version of everything you’ve ever heard To my dad, If I was giving this to someone who'd never met me, this would be the picture they'd pick out as the one where they first learned what all this 'daddy stuff' was. 

There's no age for embarrassment. She smiled at me, As if she was looking through a magnifying glass to find the difference between an orange and a watermelon.

Happy Fathers Day 2021 Funny Messages

Happy Father’s day to the best Dad in the world!

Thanks for all the fun times we’ve shared together, you’re such an amazing Daddy! Happy Father’s day!

Happy Father’s Day to my dear husband, the father of our beautiful children and the love of my life.

Thank you for everything you do each day for our family, we are so lucky to have you!

What a crazy ride, so glad that we’re in this together! Happy Father’s day!

We love you so much, you’re the best daddy and the best husband! Happy Father’s day.

You have given our children someone to look up to and admire. You are such a fantastic father and I love you so very much. Happy father’s day!

Our kids think you’re superman. And they’re absolutely right about that. Happy Father’s day!

May all the love you give to our family come back to you on this special day. Happy Father’s day!

It takes a man of gentleness, patience, strength, and compassion to set the fine example of fatherhood that you have. 

Happy father’s day to my handsome Husband and the sweet Father of my children.

Happy father’s day to the coolest dad, most loving husband, and most amazing person in the world! You never stop making us smile. Every day is a better with you in it. Thank you for all the fun!

Happy father’s day to my husband, the father of my children, and the provider of the family. Thanks for devoting your life to our happiness and wellbeing.

The only thing better than having you as my husband is our children having you as their dad. Happy father’s day Love!

Dad, you know that I like Batman, and Superman’s cool too, but I don’t really need them as long as I have you! Happy Father’s day to my super Dad!

With your elbow grease and worn out boots, you never failed to put us first. Happy father’s day to the best dad in the world! Step aside and let us do some of the work today!

Every girl dreams about living the life of a princess. I have never dreamed of that because I have always been treated like a princess by you. I love you Dad. Happy Father’s day.

Dad, you’re someone to look up to no matter how tall I’ve grown. Thanks for being such a great mentor and buddy. Happy Father’s day!

I’m so grateful for all your guidance and wisdom, you really are the best father-in-law! Happy Father’s day!

I am so lucky to have you as my father-in-law. Thanks for being so wonderful!

You’ve always made me feel like part of the family, thank you for all your support and love. I hope you have a wonderful father’s day today.

I feel so lucky to have you as my father-in-law. Thanks for being a great friend, and the best father-in-law anyone could wish for. Happy Father’s day!

Feeling blessed today that God chose you to be my father-in-law and grandfather to our children. Happy Father’s day to a great Pops!
Some people call their fathers superheroes. But superheroes tend to disappear, and you’ve always been there for me. If you ask me, my dad isn’t a superhero, he is a Super Dad! Have a great Father’s day!

You always told me that I can do the impossible, if only I tried hard enough. That’s why I can live the amazing life I do. You inspire me to be brave enough to achieve my goals. Happy father’s day dad, and thank you for everything you do!

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Hey Dad, I got a present for you. I stole your To-Do list from Mom. All you need to do is rip it up. Just don’t tell mom, okay? Happy Father’s day!

It is said that “A grandfather is someone with sliver in his hair and gold in his heart.” Precious and special, just like you! Happy Father’s day.

A baby has a way of making a man out of his father and a boy out of his grandfather.
~ Angie Papadakis

Grandpa, thank you for making my childhood unforgettable. I miss you and hope we can see you soon. Happy Father’s day!

Wishing you a fabulous father’s day today Grandpa, you really are a top pops!

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy,

I have a present for you.
No, it’s not in my diaper,
But that needs changing, too!

I have a poem to let you know
How lucky Mommy and I are
Because when it comes to daddies
You really are a star!

Thanks for taking care of me
With cuddles and silly songs.
Thanks for settling me back to sleep,
The nights they can be long

One day I’ll be big like you,
And strong and smart and brave.
But while I’m little I want to say
Happy First Father’s Day!
Granddad you’re the best! Have a great day today.

One of the greatest joys in my life is having a visit with you Grandpa, and I hope I can see you again soon. Happy Father’s day!

Granddad, when I count my blessings I count you twice. Thank you for all the wisdom, guidance, and fun you bring to my life. Happy Father’s day!

Dad, you’re the first person I phone when I have a question about something or when I need some good advice. Thanks for always being there for me!

Congratulations on becoming a daddy, you’re off to a brilliant start. Enjoy your first father’s day today!

May your first fathers day be filled with cuddles and fun, and a bit of sleep too! Happy Father’s day!

Happy first father’s day Daddy! I may be little but I love you so much already!

Happy first father’s day daddy! You’re doing a great job, I’m so lucky God chose you for my dad!

Now I’m a father myself, I admire you all the more! Thanks for being such a great dad and role model, and now a wonderful grandfather too! Have a great day!

Happy Father’s Day from your little princess. I love you Dad!

All my life, I’ve been lucky to have the best dad. Now, I count myself doubly lucky, since my child gets to have the best granddad. Happy father’s day dad, we love you!

To the best taxi driver, the most effective spider hunter, the cheapest handyman, and the most generous bank I know. Thank you for being the best Dad! Happy Father’s day!

Not long now! Happy father’s day to one very special soon-to-be daddy!

Happy Father-to-be day! Your little baby is so lucky they’re getting you as their dad!

Happy almost Father’s day to an amazing papa in the making! We’re so excited that you’ll be meeting your baby very soon!

Just think, this time next year you’ll be holding a little bundle of joy in your arms! Congratulations and happy Father’s day to a wonderful dad-to-be!

Happy father’s day to one super excited almost-daddy! We can’t wait to meet your new baby soon and see you rock this dad thing! Good luck!

Happy Fathers Day 2021 Dad 

1. The one who is there for you no matter what and who wants his little girl to grow up happy.

2. The one who conspires with you to hide broken stuff from Mom.

3. The one who gives great advice.

4. He protects you, calls you ridiculous nicknames, and makes you laugh.

5. The most amazing person in the world.

It doesn’t matter how many years go by. In my mind, you’ll always be that same amazing person who taught me how to ride a bike, helped me with my homework, and scared away the monsters in my room. Happy father’s day Dad, thanks for being awesome!

Thank you for all the sacrifices you make for our family and all the joy and love you bring into our lives. We couldn’t have asked for a better Dad! Happy Father’s day.

Thank you for working as hard as you do every day to provide for us. You always make time for me when you’re home from work and I love hanging out with you. I hope you have a fabulous Father’s day.

Dad, You mean the world to me. There’s no one else on earth like you. You care so completely, give so quietly, and love so deeply. As the years pass, I realize more and more just how lucky I am to have a Dad as wonderful as you. Happy father’s day!

I’m so grateful for all your guidance and wisdom, you really are the best! Happy Father’s day!

To the world’s best Dad, happy Father’s day!

Happy Father’s day to my wonderful Daddy. I love you to the moon... and back!

Sending you all my love and I wish I could be there to give you a big bear hug. Happy Father’s day!

Whenever I would fail, you were there to pick me up and put me back on right path. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

 Happy father’s day Dad, thanks for everything.

God knew just what He was doing when He made you my Dad! Thank you for guiding me through life. Happy Father’s day.

I feel so blessed to have a Dad like you! Thank you for everything you do.

On this Father’s day, I pray that your day is filled with joy and peace, and I give thanks to God for all that you bring to my life.

Today I ask God to bless you with every kind of joy. Happy Father’s day!

You’ve been like a father to me and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the love and wisdom you’ve given me, and to let you know how much I appreciate your guidance and support.

Thanks for all that you do, you’re an amazing Godfather and you’ve made such a big difference in my life.

Thank you for all the wonderful things you do to help me grow and reach my potential, I am so grateful that I have you as a mentor in life.

Thank you for being such an important influence in my life, I truly appreciate your support and guidance.

Thank you for being my role-model and the best father I never had!
When I count my blessings, I count you twice! Happy Father’s day to my wonderful dad, I love you.

Dad, your light guides this family and holds us together. As you get older I want you to know that I am there for you too, through thick and thin. On this special day, relax and forget your worries. Happy father’s day!

I am so lucky to have you as my dad. Thanks for being so wonderful!
I’m so lucky to have you as my father... I’m sure no one else would have put up with me this long. Happy Father’s Day 2021!

To the world’s greatest Dad from the world’s greatest kids, hope you have an amazing Father’s day!

Sending you all my love this Father’s day. We might be apart today, but you’re always in my heart. Take care and stay safe in these uncertain times. I miss you!

This card is packed full of virus-free hugs and kisses just for you! I love you so very much and miss you enormously! I hope you have a very happy Father’s day despite this lock-down, and that I can see you again soon.

Happy Father’s day Dad! We might be separated today but one day I will get to see you again and it’s going to be the best catch up ever! May you keep strong, stay safe, and take care of yourselves. I miss you!

Happy Father’s Day to my amazing Dad! Although we’re far apart, you’re always in my thoughts and prayers. I love you and miss you more than words can say.

Father and child are never truly apart, maybe in distance but never in heart. I miss you every day Dad, but know you are with me in spirit. I love you and hope you have a great day!

Sending you all my love across the miles. Have a great Father’s day!

Have a great Father’s day today Dad! I’m really looking forward to spending time together when we can next catch up.

Happy Father’s day to my incredible, amazing, wonderful Papa! I miss you and can’t wait to see you again one day!

You may not know everything but you sure had me fooled for quite a few years! Happy Father’s day to the smartest Dad in town.

Dad, you’ve always been the coolest. Like all those times you said “yes” when mom said “no.” Happy Father’s day, Cool Dad!

Fact: Dads are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. Instead, just enjoy this card I made for you, and feel the joy of having me as your child. Happy Father’s day!

Thanks for giving me so much love, attention, and care. You truly are the best Daddy! Happy Father’s day.

Thanks for being the coolest dad on the block! Happy Father’s day!

Happy Father’s Day to the greatest Dad in the whole world!

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful daddy. Thanks for always being there for us.

Out of all the dads in the world I think we got the best one! Happy Father’s day.

Thanks Dad for everything you do for us. Happy Father’s Day.
To my dearest Dad: You are my compass. Thanks for always showing me the right path and for guiding me in the right direction. Happy father’s day, I love you.

You know what they say: Real heroes don’t wear capes, they make bad puns. Thank you for being a real hero, Dad. Happy father’s day!

Happy Father’s day Dad! If you want, I’ll make a distraction so you can sneak off and get some gaming in. Cheers,

It takes an amazing dad to raise such a ridiculously great kid. Happy Father’s day Dad, I couldn’t have grown up to be so humble without you!

Thank you for all the piggy back rides, all the times you pretended to be a horse, and all the times you threw me into the air and caught me. Your body might be regretting it now, but it made for a wonderful childhood. Happy Father’s day Dad!

Happy father’s day to the raddest, most tubular, least square, ummm hippest... Hey Dad, Are any of these from your generation? Great fathers are timeless!

Wish I could be there to hang out with you on father’s day. But, on the bright side, you finally get some peace and quiet! Miss you and love you, Dad.

Thank you for everything that you have given me. You’ve always been there for me as a dad and best friend as well. There is no other bond like ours. I love you dad!

When people say, ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,’ I tell them that’s the best compliment I could ever get. Someday, I hope to grow as strong and wise as you. Have a great father’s day!
Happy Father’s day to the coolest Dad ever!
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